About Spiffmedia

Spiffmedia's  vision is to create spiffy web solutions; Websites that work, so you don't have to (as much).

The idea isn't new, but the team is. Starting with Richie Lovelock in 2009, Spiffmedia has grown to include the skills of many like-minded individuals with the same passion for the web.

With Bryce Looms joining in 2010, and Antoni Botica joining in 2011, Spiffmedia now expertly covers the three major area of any web project: The management, the website, and the market strategy.

The technologies that Spiffmedia use include but are not limited to:

  • Javascript
  • XML
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Actionscript 2 & 3

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The People of Spiffmedia

Richie Lovelock

Richie Lovelock's passion for doing good work, helping people, and making things work are key ingredients which have helped Spiffmedia become the company it is today, providing the serivice it does, and the producing the results people need.

As the world, and in particular technology, evolves, Richie will forever strive to be at the forefront, providing people and businesses with the tools they need to succeed.


Bryce Looms

An exceptional Code Ninja. Bryce keeps up with the play, introducing new technologies to our projects with fluid precision. An outstanding programmer, with an eye for design. Such talent.

Bryce enjoys relaxing walks along the beach... as long as there are lots of zeros and ones in the sand. He really didn't want us to write this, so let's see how long it stays up before he hacks the site!


Antoni Botica

Antoni provides a crucial element to Spiff Media's range of services, ensuring our clients have the most effective marketing strategies implemented. His work guarantees that your business is not just competitive within your market but a stand-out leader!

Consultant to over 20 companies, ranging from law firms to retail outlets, Antoni has and continues to produce solid and measurable results that are second to none in the New Zealand market. Contact Antoni for a free consultation now.