We are a web company with a Conscience.

We like to work with organisations whose values align with ours. This enables us to genuinely understand and support the 'why' and use our expertise to implement the 'how'.

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Welcome to Spiffmedia

Spiffmedia is a collaboration of talent. We know our code, we know our clients, and we know how to develop spiffy web solutions that work.

Spiffmedia officially started in January 2009, but the build up to it came well before then. As a result of working in various web-related roles, everyone in Spiffmedia has valuable experience to offer. It has taken a brand like Spiffmedia to form all this into, well, a rather spiffy company really!

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Our Services

Here's a quick list of what Spiffmedia can do for your business:

  • Custom Solutions
  • Online Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • Software Integration
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Widgets
  • Reporting - Do you know if your site is working?

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